Pathfinders Unite!

Welcome, one and all! This site, while mainly created to be an aid for my players in an upcoming campaign, will also be my place for posting anything I have that is related to the (wonderful) Pathfinder RPG.

Currently this is mostly a collection of character sheets and other player aids I have created for use by me and my gaming group. I was looking for a place to post them for others to enjoy and in the end (since I was going to need it anyway) I just made this site and put them here.

I can't stress enough that this is all (mostly) for my group of players if you don't find it useful, sorry.

6/11/11 - The above statement are mostly false now, the sheets that are available in the Players Resource section are now formatted for use in any Pathfinder RPG game, the campaign specific information has been removed from all sheets and they are now safe for public consumption.

If you still don't find them useful, oh well. Then you probably use Hero*Lab and don't use a character sheet at all.